Dalton Henshaw

Founder and CEO

Dalton Henshaw is the founder & CEO of Bullfrog. His extensive business and commercial understanding is the beating heart of what drives Bullfrog’s business-first approach to building brands with creativity. His former life as a professional athlete has driven his ambition, mindset and hunger to create success and elevate those around him.

At the age of 19, Dalton created the men’s lifestyle publication, The Tailored Man, which he built to become one of Australia’s leading publishing platforms. Here, he collaborated with both local and global brands including Tag Heuer, Mercedes-Benz, Hugo Boss, Ferrari, Toyota and Australian Grand Prix. He also built Kic (formerly, Keep It Cleaner) with his  wife, Laura. 

Bullfrog is his third business, which after just three years, is regarded as one of the top independent agencies in Australia. Dalton was also the winner of B&T's "30 Under 30" Entrepreneur of the Year.